IQFeed trial limits the backfill length, was: No historical intraday data

I have a subscription with IQ feed for realtime data. I try to load 10 years of intraday data to a chart. But I see only data from 2016. I set the database exactly to the recomended settings and it should show me ten years. But it does not.

Help if you post your settings. A screenshot of the database settings be better.

Quick guess is your using futures/forex and theirs way more bars in minute data then say stocks. Because of the after hours trading you might have to increase your lookback.

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Before posting - search the forum. Exact same topic exists. You have to have NON-TRIAL subscription for IQFeed to get more data:

First of all, I know the post you mentioned, and I read it before. But I don´t know how this helps. I never had a trial of IQ Feed data. And I also created a new database allready. Twice. But nothing changed, I always get historical data only from 2016. Thank you

Double check with IQFeed. Remember I used them and started a subscription it was automatically on a week trial even though I subscribed. I had to get them to activate it immediately. Theirs sales chat is pretty quick by the way.

I found the solution. I had to force backfill, and then I had to change the timeframe to daily. Then, If I returned to intraday data, it worked. I have no idea why it is like this, and I have not found something about this. But thank you everybody for trying to help.

That is not the solution. AmiBroker does NOT require changing to daily. In fact base time interval in database settings should NOT be changed after it is set once. If you ever needed to do that it means that database is incorrectly configured. Specifically, the NUMBER OF BARS is too small, so there is not enough room for BOTH end-of-day AND intraday data. This has been discussed many times on this forum and search reveals all information.


I am sorry, I am a new user to AB. I bought it yesterday. Maybe there are other and better solutions for this. But that was what I found first and what worked for me. Btw, I have not changed the base time interval, in the database settings, I changed the time interval on the chart. This was necessary in order to force backfill.

I am so sorry for the confusion. I found my mistake. I set the base time interval only to 1 minute. But since I am using futures which have more intraday bars as stocks, it loaded not for 8 years (like written in the window) data, it loaded only for around 4 years of intraday data. I have to set the base time interval to 5 minutes or higher and then it loads more intraday data. Sorry, sorry

@Ironman, If you want to load 8 years of historical 1-min (24h) data then you need to increase "Number of bars" setting of Database settings accordingly. So if you have 24h data then:
1440 (minutes per day) x 260 (business days per year) x 8 years = around 3 million bars. To increase default number of bars limit in addition you would have to read here (How to increase number of bars).

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