Is Amibroker good for day trading?


I'm looking for the best trading platform for day trading and found that Amibroker has some good reviews. What is your experience? What are the limitations of this platform? I'm not very familiar with programming though. I've also read this review that said: "AmiBroker is a software engineers/programmers dream just because of its flexibility based on your programming skill level. Therefore, for programming enthusiasts, it might be considered as the best day trading platform. You can customize nearly every aspect of the software to suit your needs. The backtesting is blazing fast and you can create and test systems very easily and efficiently using the AmiBroker AFL language. " However, they mentioned that for non-programmers it might be quite difficult to use. Is it true though?

The review that you linked has some fundamental / factual flaws:

  1. There is no backtesting in Interactive Brokers, yet it got 2 points for backtesting
  2. IB has no "programming language" at all, yet it got 3.5 score

Also it compares apples to oranges. TWS is mainly order-placing tool. Its charting / analytical / backtesting power is near to zero. AmiBroker is foremost for trading system discovery, design, testing and validation in addition to charting and real time scanning features.
TWS can be good data source and trading interface FOR AmiBroker. TWS can be controlled from AmiBroker. They do not compete.

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