= is assignment, == is equality check, was: ParamToggle turns off whole trading system

In the code below see "marketup = MA(allords,15) > Ref(MA(allords,15),-10);"
I have added a paramtoggle in bold further down (under entrysetup) to turn the marketup code on and off. However, when it is enabled all the entry conditions are affected...i.e. toggled. I guess that is because of the AND statements between the entry conditions. Is this right? Is there a way to toggle one condition without affecting the others?
Thanks in advance...note: not all the code of the system is included...hope its enought o answer my question...cheers

Allords 				        = Foreign( "$xao", "C" );
Marketup 				= MA(allords,15) > Ref(MA(allords,15),-10); 
// Entry Filtering
ShortTermMATickUp		= ShortTermMA > Ref(ShortTermMA, -1);
GreenCandleAboveSMA		= GreenCandle AND C > ShortTermMA;
GreenCandleAllAboveSMA	= GreenCandle AND C > ShortTermMA AND O > ShortTermMA;

EntryFilterMet			= 	IIf(EntryFilter == 1, ShortTermMATickUp,
							IIf(EntryFilter == 2, GreenCandleAboveSMA,
							IIf(EntryFilter == 3, GreenCandleAllAboveSMA,
							IIf(EntryFilter == 4, GreenCandle,

// Entry  Criteria
EntrySetup 				=	AboveMinTurnover
						AND AboveAvgVolume
						AND AboveMinPrice
						AND LongTermUpTrend
						AND PriceAboveLongTerm
						AND c > Ref(MA(c,200), -1 * 100)
					AND marketup= paramtoggle("marketup", "enable|disable",0)		

EntryCondition			= 	EntrySetup 
						AND RedCandle
						AND CandleNotTooBig
						AND BelowShortTermMA
						AND RSIBelowEntryLevel

EntryPeriod				= Flip(EntryCondition, ExRem(ExitTrigger, EntryCondition));

Hi Steve,

ParamToggle is used to record user's choice externally.

Example 1:

Ch = ParamToggle( "Choose MA Period", "20|50", 0 );
PerMa = IIf( Ch, 50, 20 );
//You could alternately use if..else since 'Ch' is not an Array
if( Ch ) PerMa = 50;
else PerMa = 20;
Plot( MA( C, PerMA ), "Simple MA", colorWhite );


Example 2:

Ch = ParamToggle( "Choose EMA Type", "MA|EMA", 1 );
PerMA = Param( "MA Period", 20, 1, 100, 1 );

switch( Ch ) {
	 case 0:
         myMA = MA( C, PerMA );

	 case 1:
         myMA = EMA( C, PerMA );

Plot( myMA, "myMA", colorWhite );
Title = WriteIf( Ch, "EMA", "MA" ) + "(C, " + PerMA + ") " + NumToStr( myMA, 1.2 );


Example 3:

Ch = ParamToggle( "Plot MA?", "No|Yes", 1 );
PerMA = Param( "MA Period", 20, 1, 100, 1 );

myMA = MA( C, PerMA );
styleDrawMA = IIf( Ch, styleThick, styleNoDraw );

Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleBar | styleThick );
Plot( myMA, "myMA", colorDefault, styleDrawMA );

Title =
StrFormat( "{{DATE}}\nO %1.2f H %1.2f L %1.2f C %1.2f", O, H, L, C ) +
WriteIf( Ch, "\nMA( C, " + PerMA + ") " + NumToStr( myMA, 1.2 ), "" );


And if you happen to Toggle the conditions before running your Analysis, you can use the Parameters tab from the Analysis Window.


In your case since you want to Toggle Conditions dynamically (i.e. internally), then use the State of StaticVars. Something like this:

State = Nz( StaticVarGet( "VariableName" + Name() ), 0 ); //Name() is used to make the varname Unique. Sometimes Name() + Interval() OR simply a GetChartID()

//Condition that makes the State as True
Condition = /*Your Condition*/;

//IF (or IIF) Condition is Met or Holds True
//setting StaticVar as True
if( Condition ) {
	 //StaticVarSet has a Persist argument too, use wisely as per your requirements
	 StaticVarSet( "VariableName" + Name(), 1 ); //State is Set to True

if( State ) { //If State is True
		 Do Something
	 //State is reset to False such that until
	 //the "Condition" is Met again, it won't "Do Something".
	 //In other words, "if( State )" won't get executed until the "Condition" holds True again
	 StaticVarSet( "VariableName" + Name(), 0 );

A simple example of Toggling the State of a StaticVar that comes to mind is in this KB. Do play with the MoveinProgress. :slight_smile:

If you grasp the power of StaticVars in AFL, you will be able to create Wonders.


Your code has one problem (quite basic and mentioned in Common mistakes).

In your code you wrote:

AND marketup= paramtoggle("marketup", "enable|disable",0)	

You have used assignment operator (=) instead of comparison - equality check (==)

What = (assignment) does is to assign the value, so:

marketup= paramtoggle("marketup", "enable|disable",0)	

assigns new value to marketup variable. If you toggle off the parameter, it will assign FALSE (0) to marketup variable and then this FALSE will become:

..your code..

Which means that entire condition is NEVER met.

You should be using equality check (==) instead

AND marketup == paramtoggle("marketup", "enable|disable",0);

Read about all common mistakes: http://www.amibroker.com/guide/a_mistakes.html

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As usual the forum is enormously helpful for a newbie like me....thank you all. Amibroker is awesome!!