Is it possible to change style based on arry

here's a code snippet

STYLE = IIf( V > Ref(V,-1) AND H >= HHV(H,10),2,256) ; // stylehistogram, stylenodraw , lastvalue? , valuewhen ?
Plot(V,"",colorred,STYLE ,Null,Null,1,0,1);

is there a way to make something like this work ?

Plot function will give an error if fourth (style) argument is an array. It expects a number.

No, style can not be changed on bar by bar basis, but you can use multiple Plot() functions using different styles and skip certain bars by passing Null.

style_switch = whatever_boolean_array_to_switch_between_styles
Plot( IIF( style_switch, data, Null ), "Plot1", colorDefault, style1 );
Plot( IIF( style_switch, Null, data ), "Plot1", colorDefault, style2 );

thank you just what I needed.

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