Is it possible to create floating Layouts , for multiple monitor display?


  1. My question is a bit different from the one posted in

Linking the above thread since I was not able to view this video due to Adobe Flash issue. So, apologies in case solution to my issue is already covered in the video.

  1. Coming to my issue, I am able to get charts within a particular layout, staggered between (shifted to) multiple monitors, after marking them "Floating" under Window menu [I use Amibroker 6.30.5].

I have multiple layouts. While working on one particular layout (Say Layout 1), all these shifted charts of Layout 1 appear properly in other monitors. However, when I shift to say a different layout (let us call it Layout 2) on the main montior, only the charts related to Layout 2 appear on the main monitor. In other words, the other charts of Layout 1 split in other screens are now disappearing - this could well be performing as per design. No issues there.

I am wondering whether there is a way to mark the entire layout "Floating". Or, is there any other workaround so that I can work on different layouts in different monitors.

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Amibroker Multi Layout

@tsv - this might be a silly question, but are you able to add the charts that you want to a new layout and just use that?

Regarding the Flash, you can see this
@beppe has found a solution.

How do I add more preset English line-strategies to Code Wizard? - #11 by beppe

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