Is it possible to do Logistic Regression in Amibroker?

I had find something over the net but it's not working (link is broken)

So, Sharing the code will be highly appreciated ??

@dhiraj if you have a mathematical equation then obviously it can be coded into AmiBroker. I would suggest it requires a fairly high level of mathematical/statistical education or training and then that needs to be followed by a high level of skill with AmiBroker.

What equation are you looking at? Also by Logistic Regression are you referring to the basic logistic curve (the common sigmoid curve) or one of the extensions such as multinomial logit, ordered logit, mixed logit, etc.?

I do recall you asking about Stochastic Momentum Index and having no clue as to the formula, making no effort to list it, code it, etc. and didn't bother following up on the answers provided to you on the forum.

There was a discussion on the old forum (and code by AmiBroker power user Aron P.) that might help you get started,

Good luck, and let us know if you find something useful.


OP's link doesn't seem to work.
I get 505

@travick, that broken link was pointing to the same formula that was posted by @aron (with multiple attachments) in the old Yahoo group as indicated by @portfoliobuilder.

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It's amazing you remembered SMI post. I posted that on August 18. With the help of community members and continuous learning, the model is almost done.

Talking about Logistic Regression. I am looking for Binary Logistic Regression(
I am not a mathematician nor I am good at AFL so its difficult for me to code the whole thing.

When I am going to the link provided by u it's showing " THIS YAHOO GROUP IS OBSOLETE.
It is read-only and for old members only.
Use NEW FORUM at instead."

Can you provide those afl so that I can get some idea. Thanx

@dhiraj for detailed information about the old forum contact AmiBroker support,

support - at- amibroker dot com

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