Is it possible to find symbol from Full name for a Norgate index

I would like to find the S&P Sub-Iindustry index for the current symbol and plot against the stock price chart. My data source is Norgate. I have constructed an Index full name from GicsID(1) for the current symbol as below.

SubIndGICSName = GicsID(1);
CreateSuIndName = "S&P 500 " + SubIndGICSName + " SubInd Index";

What I get is a Full Name of the Index, from which I need to get the index symbol and to plot.

@shiv there is information that might help you on Norgate's web site.

To retrieve the industry index symbol for the current security, you can use the NorgateIndustryIndex function as follows:

indexsymbol = NorgateIndustryIndex("<index family>", <level> ,"<index type>");

For example, to determine the S&P 1500 Level 4 (Sub-Industry) price return index applicable to the current symbol, you would use:

indexsymbol = NorgateIndustryIndex("$SP1500",4,"PR");

Some examples,


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