Is it possible to limit the display results of optimization

I was wondering is there a way to limit the displayed result to NOT SHOWING optimization results having MaxDD > -30% ?
When I run the test, by default it shows all the results, so its very difficult to copy the results to EXCEL file for further analysis.
Through programming is there a way to show only few results of optimization? OR It would be great if Amibroker comes up with option to copy only certain selected rows.

Instead of Copy, you can use AB > File > Export CSV

open / import csv file into Excel, then
In Excel, use Data > Filter

Excel Filter has various Number Filters that you can apply.

@nsm51 yes it's possible but when there is more then 2000000 combination of results, at that moment I found it very difficult to export in csv or other format.
So the best possible way it would be to limit the Amobroker based on performance metrics limitations to show results less then or greater then particular values

This is the closest I found:

AmiBroker Knowledge Base ยป How to use custom backtest metric as an optimization target

How to add user-defined metrics to backtest/optimization report (

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