Is it possible to navigate the desired date when double-clicking trade list?


I'm wondering it is possible to automatically navigate to the trade starting date on chart window when double-clicking one row of the trade list in Analysis window? It should be very handy feature when verifying the results.

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Please read these links

You have to right click result list choosing show current trade arrows.


Thanks for your help. Showing trade arrows is not what I am looking for, I knew it already.
In MultiCharts, the specific trade can be easily identified by double-clicking on that trade, the chart will be navigated to that date automatically. In AB, seems there is no such a feature to do that. Besides, every pair of signals (buy/sell or short/cover) can be connected by lines in MC charts; In AB, I have to draw lines between signals and sometimes the lines just went wrong if the chart window is not wide enough to accommodate that trade.

If you right click and choose then it does (!) navigate to trade on chart too. Please re-read all links again and actually try yourself. I told you the available inbuilt option(s).

Besides you did not say that you knew them. That info is missing in your original posting. I don't read your mind (it's impossible as of yet). Please read here on how to use this site before posting.

If it did not navigate to trade on chart at your end then you did it incorrectly.

Connecting trades via lines can be done programmatically in AB too. AB is code driven. So if something is not available natively most of the things can be done by custom code.

Besides as for making feature requests required link is this one here.

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I've re-read the links above and tried every action in context-menu but still didn't get it work. Perhaps I missed something important. Would highly appreciated if you can show me how to achieve that. Thanks again.

But what exactly have you tried?

No one here knows the steps you have taken. No one can see your screen from here.
You have to provide information/screens. Just saying "I tried... I tried" has contra-productive effects.

First of all you have to make sure that "Showing trading arrows" option of chart properties is put to "Yes". Did you make sure that one? No one knows whether you did.
See picture

Right click chart and choose Properties - Axes&grid and ensure setting being at "Yes".

You can alternatively activate it programmatically by adding following sample line to chart code.

SetChartOptions( 0, chartShowDates | chartShowArrows | chartWrapTitle );

Note flag chartShowArrows of upper line.

Now here is video (had to put it external as it is too large for upload here) which is proving that indeed AB navigates to trades on chart if everything is set properly.

Side note: you can detach analysis window or chart window by right clicking any tab and choosing "floating" mode to put analysis on top of chart (as seen in video).
Or alternatively to floating you may choose Window - Tile horizontally/vertically to put chart and analysis side by side.

Once again provide detailed information on what you did on your end if it does not work.


@fxshrat thanks so much for your precious time to show me how to do that, now I do navigate to the selected trade. Sorry for my useless information and thanks again.