Is it possible to output the content of Watch window?

Watch window is the major part of the AFL visual debugger.

Q) Is it possible to output the content of the Watch window?
for example, out or copy the content of the Arrays tab,
so the user can save it to an Excel sheet or text file.

Thank you very much.

Not directly, but you can simply export any array to CSV file yourself. CSV files can be then loaded to Excel.

function ExportArray( array, filename )
   file = fopen( filename, "w" );
   if( file )
	   dt = DateTime();
	   for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ )
			line = StrFormat( "%s, %g\n", DateTimeToStr( dt[ i ] ), array[ i ] );
			fputs( line, file );
	   fclose( file );

ExportArray( Close, "test.csv" );     

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