Is it possible to use PlotShapes in indicator panes?

Is it possible to use PlotShapes in indicator panes or non-price based charts?

When I attempt to plot a small circle in the RSI indicator pane when there is a cross of the 30 level by the RSI nothing shows up.

x = RSI(14);
Plot(x, "RSI", colorAqua);
PlotShapes(IIf(Cross(x, 30), shapeSmallCircle, shapeNone), 0, x, 0);

Look at the documentation again. It appears you're missing the color argument in the PlotShapes call.

Yes it is possible, IF only your code is correct.

But your code is incorrect. You are calling PlotShapes incorrectly. Correct formula is:

x = RSI(14);
Plot(x, "RSI", colorAqua);
PlotShapes(shapeUpArrow* Cross(x, 30), colorYellow, 0 );

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