Is symbol traded every day in history within the specified dates?

I wonder, is there some way or a code to know weather a stock is been traded everyday from the day its been launch ?
This is necessary to avoid any stocks which stops trading for long time and start trading again, so we can rmove those from out portfolio.
Please Help. My concern is to avoid some stocks which looks like in the picture.1 2 3

"everyday" implies weekends and public holidays and even excluding them many stocks go into trading halts for a few days when they do things like raise additional funds.

Something like the following finds the largest gap between two bars,

DaysBetweenTrades = Highest( DateTimeDiff( DateTime(), Ref( DateTime(), -1 ) ) ) / 60 / 60 / 24 ;

You could then exclude stocks which have large gaps in there history.

Thanks for your sujjestion

Thank you so much, I will test the code and give updates on it

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