Is there a hidden key?

I was working on my amibroker and suddenly the main panel filled the entire window and the subsequent panels minimized into the edges.
i am sure i was not dreaming. i first thought i messed up my chart workspace but was able to drag them back.
well, i cannot repeat what i did and so was trying to check

oops, there is a magic click which i was not aware of after using amibroker for so many many years. each panel has a minimize/maximise icon.
gosh, this is real magic

ok, this magic click does not restore the panels. here is a video where the panel is maximised but when i click on minimize, it does not fix itself. here is a screen recording attached. i have amibroker 6.30.5. if this issue is fixed in any of the future ones, i will upgrade my licence(i have no other reason to upgrade it yet.)

@suresh, I never use it, but it works as expected on my PC (tested AB version 6.30.5 - 64-bit; same results on the 32-bit version same release. Running it on Windows 10 Pro 20H2 - Build 19042.867).

@suresh I can confirm Beppe's observations. In my case (AB 6.38 32/64 bit and AB 6.35.1 minimizing, maximizing and restoring works flawlessly (WIN 10 Home 20H2).

I suggest testing this behaviour with a New Blank Chart.

good to know. i will reinstall amibroker.

Reinstalling does not change anything. It is simply operator error.

TJ, Pl explain what do you mean by operator error? Currently, the prob does reproduce on 1 instance of the database but not the other instance of the databases.

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