Is there a limit to number of parameters ?

I am developing a system with a large number (150) of parameters.

Par1 = param(“par1”, …..)

Par150 = param(“par150”, …..)

When executing the program, the parameters with number 100, 101 and 110 experience problems. Default value and range are wrong.
The problem is not related to the parameters themselves. If I change the order of the parameter definitions it is still the 100th, 101st, and 110th parameter that experience problems. It looks as if there is a memory problem.

The computer has 6 Gb memory and an i7 processor
I have migrated the system to another computer (with 12 Gb memory) and also an i7 processor: exactly the same problem.

When I reduce the number of parameters to less than 100, the problem diasppears

Have I reached the limit of Amibroker, or is this a bug ?

There is no limit. But parameter names MUST be unique (per chart). And if you use more than 100 parameters you have to divide them into SECTIONS:

Users guide:

because Parameter dialog assumes that you only have upto 100 parameters PER SECTION.

So if you have say 200 parameters you need at least 2 sections. If you have 500 parameters you have to have at least 5 sections.


Problem solved, thanks !