Is there a more updated AFL function webpage documentation?

I am using this webpage for AFL function reference.

I cannot find documentation for newer AFL functions like SafeDivide(), inverf(x), erf(x).

Am I using the right webpage? Is there a newer one available?

Updated User guide will be available once AmiBroker 6.40 final version will have been released. That's how it always has been handled in the past.

Development cycles always go from X.Y1 to X.Z0 so it's always minimum 10 versions cycle. Final versions always end at zero... 6.00, 6.10, ...., 6.40, ..., 7.00,...
Also see What's new page.

Until then (release of updated user guide) you have to follow Devlog page and ReadMe(s) there

Devlog content is documentation too.
Most recent Readme of cycle 6.31 to 6.40:

Wikipedia on error and inverse error


Thanks @fxshrat as usual.

Devlog is good enough for the moment.

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