Is there a quick way to delete the quotes?


I stream the prices using Metatrader and it doesn’t backfill. Because I use pattern recognition I begin the day by deleting all of yesterday’s quotes by going to the QuoteEditor and manually deleting all prices for the symbols I am watching.

Is there a quicker way to do this instead of doing it manually?


No, not really and yes there is. You could try to go to Preferences-Data and check the “Limit number of quotations” box, save database close it then reopen it and make that box unchecked but for some reason (maybe I`m doing something wrong) it does not work. It should work though…

do you really mean it?

if so then, one way is to make your own java script

there is one working example just google it "remove_xdays.js"

I really don’t see the reason to delete all quotes from entire database, but there are many ways including deleting all files and all folders from database except broker.master and broker.workspace

It can be also done via OLE (there is Remove() method in Quotations object).