Is there a way to bypass Keyboard Short Cut Restriction in newer version?

Hi all,
Older Versions have this access to use keyboard shortcuts,But in newer versions Alphabets and Numerals have been restricted to use as shortcuts.But i personally and desperately need this as i am accustomed to it in older versions.
Can anybody help if there is a way?

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Gloria Filamino

Hello Gloria.

You should have written which AB version you are using. There were some problems with shortcuts in version 6.25. Read TJ comments about it:

but they were resolved in 6.26:

  1. AFL: In 6.25 Gui* keyboard navigation interferred with delete key and possibly other shortcuts due to the way how windows works. Implemented workaround so keys are only intercepted if child window (control) has focus.
  2. AFL: In 6.25 Gui* keyboard navigation was turned on by default, now it is off by default but can be turned on if you use SetOption(“GuiEnableKeyboard”, True )
    AmiBroker 6.26.0 BETA released

Currently I’m using 6.27.1 and I haven’t noticed any problems with using default or assigning new custom shortcuts. I suggest upgrading AB to the newest version. If you cannot assign some shortcuts - like ctrl+x, try (for example) ctrl+shift+x or ctrl+alt+x.


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Thanks a lot Milosz.

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