Is there a way to save custom workspace in Amibroker?

I always have about 8 - 12 tabs open in Amibroker, 3 tabs for charts, 2 tabs for analysis (backtest views), 2 to 3 tabs for exploration views. Is there a way to freeze these windows at close so when I launch Amibroker again, these same tabs will show up again? Thanks.

From the feedback center, analysis windows don't get saved yet. may be a future feature.

There was a discussion here where you can use AHK or AutoIt to do some routine clicks and layout arrangement. You need to write a one time script that simulates as keyboard / mouse clicks.

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Hi Clipper,

you need to save your "workspace" designed with several AB Chart Windows and so on ... under the Tab "Layouts". If Tab "Layouts" does not appear activate this Tab via AB Main - Window - Layouts. On Tab "Layouts" right click "Local Layouts" - Save as... and enter your new Layout name. After the new Layout is created and appears in the list, right click your new Layout name again and select "Save as default". This Layout is now stored at your database and will be automaticly become live at AB start loading that database.
You can store multiple new Layouts and activate them by double click these Layout names.
If you make changes on your AB design (workspace) during your trading session you have to store the changed Layout again before you terminate AB.

regards, Peter

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Hi nsm51,

you will be able to activate your AB Analysis via OLE in AFL or some external tool you develop and compile ... You have to save your Analysis task as .apx and execute described in

If you use the AFL method you have to ensure your AB OLE call inside AB does not loop and create your Analysis Windows again and again (endless) ... for example AB have any connected datasource and refresh during feedin events.

One Option via AFL could be using ParamTrigger to initialize your AB OLE inside commands only once by mouseclick.

regards, Peter

Thanks.....made my life easy