Is there a way to turn off range markers?


I use interactive routines that make use of mouse clicks on the chart. Quite often this causes red/green range bars to appear on the charts which interferes with the operation. I then have to remove them by clicking on the right Y-axis.

Is there any way to turn off range bars?


Typo, I meant Range Markers!

Hello Herman.

Range markers appear only when you click twice. Can't you just replace your double click with a combination of a single mouse click and some keyboard key pressed? Take a look at the example in which you can select any plot on the chart, clicking on it (in any place on the chart) with the CTRL key pressed. It works really well and (in that case) is a nice alternative to creating lots of Gui Buttons:

How To Synchronize Linked Charts and chart panes to selected Foreign Ticker


Thank you! Your reference is very interesting and I may use some of the
ideas presented there.

However, it doesn't really solve the nuisance of range markers popping up -
especially for end-users.

I thought there might be a way... In AB there almost always is :wink: Perhaps
they can be cleared from the code?

Double click on the Y or X axis area (outside the chart).

I have tried double clicking on the X or Y axis but I am still getting a range marker on a single click on the chart. I would really like to turn off range markers and only turn them back on when I really want to use them.
I am using AMIBroker version 6.39.1 64-bit