Is Tiingo EOD download as fast as Yahoo EOD used to be

With Yahoo EOD download no longer available, I am thinking about switching to Tiingo for EOD download. Can someone tell me if the EOD download speed for Tiingo is fast as Yahoo EOD used to be. I also tried Google EOD download, it’s very slow and takes 30 minutes to finish 5000 tickers. Yahoo EOD used to take just a few seconds to finish downloading.

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There is no single Yahoo EOD. There are TWO sources and TWO methods: Yahoo HISTORICAL and Yahoo CURRENT that differ, see:

You are apparently comparing apples to oranges (Yahoo CURRENT to Google EOD). Google EOD is comparable to Yahoo HISTORICAL - it downloads one symbol per request but allows to download more than one day. Yahoo CURRENT was downloading JUST ONE day, and many (upto 200) symbols in one request, hence it was faster, but these two are uncomparable (serve different purposes).
AmiQuote support for Tiingo is now covering also multi-day downloads with speeds comparable to Yahoo EOD.

Yahoo CURRENT (single day update for many symbols) will be functionally replaced by Tiingo CURRENT. Support in AmiQuote for that new mode is in the works and it is fast, since it uses pretty much same method, i.e. multiple symbols in one request.

is possible use google finance like yahoo current ?
but before need login dan create portfolio ini google finance