Is your eSignal working good with TSLA and AAPL now?

After TSLA and AAPL split, the old history price have not beed adjusted yet.

I contacted their online service and was told to submit a data error.

Do you have the same problem?

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 15.30.47

Either do "Force backfill" (recommended), or Edit->Split

Force Backfill not work at all. Even at eSignal app, the price are not adjusted.

So guess Esignal forgot to adjust it. Could use Amibroker split adjustment tool and do it manually.

Just be aware of how Esignal adjust their data to keep consistent. Some data providers adjust volume as well to keep dollar/volume in line.

When we split in AB, is the volume adjusted in the same way or only the OHLC quotes.

What sense would it make to not adjust volume....
Of course it is adjusted too besides other fields.

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I also thought so but i think i misinterpreted the previous post wordings.
Tomasz' post clarifies aux too.

hi guys, do you still think eSignal is a reliable data source?
The unadjusted split price would lead to a disaster if you trade it live.

Even if it was adjusted you’d have still had to force backfill. Amibroker doesn’t request all data, just since last bar.

Don’t auto trade myself but I’d assume you’d want to watch upcoming split dates or have some flags for huge gaps/down.

Edit->Split works perfectly fine for me on an EOD basis and stocks like AAPL, TSLA etc. will show a correct price chart again. The same for my intraday database, even in a M15-time frame, supposed you subscribed to the extended intraday history. However, this works on a stock-by-stock basis only.

Is there any way to search your entire database for stocks which had a stock-split and then adjust them all? Or at least search for all stocks with a stock split, so I can add them to a watchlist and use the split-tool one by one?

Could work with a simple AFL searching for price gaps > (e.g.) 80%, then use the tool on it. Just wondering if there is any more efficient way than this.

You can use Tools->Database Purify to find possible splits.