Is zoom level saved?

@Tomasz I thought zoom level (the distance between adjacent bars) could be saved in layouts, but it seems I am wrong. If not, would you please make this a feature request. TIA

Zoom level is saved in layout. Default zoom level is settable and can be saved in the Preferences.

Regardless of what I change the zoom level to, after saving the layout, when I open AB the zoom level is what it was before saving. I even deleted the zoom line from the layout file after opening AB the zoom level was the same. The following line is from awl file:

My monitor is 28"4K

As Tomasz mentioned, see Tools> Preferences.
Set your default zoom there, AND UNtick "Reset zoom to default when loading layout" for when you manually zoom in/out just before saving and closing.


Thanks. I did not read Tomasz's reply carefully enough. My bad.

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