Issue running Amiquote in Parallels

Hey all -

I've got an MacBook Air M1 and I've been trying to run Amibroker (latest version) and Amiquote (latest version - 4.10) via Parallels. I've been running Amibroker via a cloud-based virtual PC for the past year and but it's a bit of a pain and I would really love to have the application running locally.

Getting the app up and running on Parallels has been mostly successful. I've gotten Amibroker up and running - working great.

But with Amiquote, I'm having an issue. I keep getting the warning that the app has exceed the maximum number of downloads (my source is Yahoo Finance US). This happens if I set it to 1, 2, or 3 downloads a time. At first I thought this was just an issue with Yahoo, but I then tried it from the virtual PC that I have out on the web - and found it worked fine. No issues. And I've double-checked the Amiquote settings to make sure they are identical across the two setups.

I'm curious if anyone has had a similar issue - there's nothing particularly special about my M1 setup - but I'm wondering if the Parallels emulation is doubling requests or something. I can't see it being a firewall issue as the app can clearly reach Yahoo Finance and is also able to make some downloads - it just reaches a point (rather quickly) where it starts telling me that I've exceeded the max downloads.

Anyway - in all likelihood I'm alone in this issue - and for the moment I'll go back to using my cloud-based virtual PC but figured it was worth throwing it out to the community to see anyone had any ideas.

It might be the way how M1 based Mac handles DNS (domain name system) and how it differs from PC. I am speculating here, but local DNS cache in Mac may be giving same IP for multiple requests and it is likely to trigger "too many downloads" from single IP sooner.

The other possibility is that Yahoo simply reduced limits.

I think it attached a cookie when I exceeded download limits. By deleting cookies and then slowing the download rate, I stopped the issue.

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