Issue with a purchased Turnkey Code

I am a raw beginner with Amibroker.

I have just purchased it along with Norgate Updater and am running it via Parallels on a Mac.

I have purchased a turnkey code from a supplier listed in this forum.

I have tried to run a scan using this code but am getting nowhere.

Can anybody point me in the right direction. I think coding is beyond me at the moment and am happy to confess that I haven't got a clue how to read the code.

Happy to give any further info required.

At this point I have copied and pasted purchased code into formula editor and run an analysis. It appears to be running but comes back with nothing across any time frame I have tried.


If you are visual person, Dave's Lets Learn AmIBroker series on YouTube will help you:

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Thank you, I am definitely more inclined to learn this way. Appreciated


Check that your purchased code points to the index you are running your analysis over

Norgate uses the $ before the index = $XAO / $DJI


Thanks. That is definitely correct, but I have organised with the supplier to assist me further.