Issue with date range while backtesting

I did a new install for a client of AB 64 bit 6.30.5 on his laptop (an HP a few years old) running Win 10.

I ran a backtest in an analysis window with date range set to 12/31/2002 - 03/04/2020 on an NDX watchlist using Norgate Data. The symbol in the top bar was set to $NDX. Norgate data subscription begins with data in 1995. The resulting trade list began with trades in 1995 even though the start date was 02. I had the settings set to Pad data to $SPX.

When I uncheck the Pad setting and place an ETF symbol in the top bar with a recent inception date, the testing begins with that inception date even though I am still processing with the filter set to a watch list and the date range set from 02 - 2020.

Is there a configuration item I am missing? I have not seen this before after a few dozen AB installations for clients. Suggested remedies? The afl I backtested works fine on other machines. So I don't believe there is something in the code that is causing it.


Facing the exact same issue.. Installed on new machine...same database..same afl but backtest throws up result from the entire database ignoring the date range in the backtester...any help will be v kind

There is no mention in your posts about all range settings but it is not enough to just set dates only.
You guys need to set Range to From-To dates in addition but not to All Quotes.

(Besides if you want to output for single symbol only then you have to set Apply to setting to Current.)


Tks. What a bad miss !!

Pls close the thread.


Facing the same issue. when I don't set the date range, I am able to retrieve BT results for the entire data set. However, when I set for date range, I do not get any results. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated.


In the Filter Apply To, It shows Current, which means you are running BT on one symbol.
So most likely you don't have data or no signals were generated in that period.
Without your code it is unlikely to suggest something else.