Issue with norgate data and amibroker


I'm trialing AmiBroker (V6.00.2) to see if it will play with my Norgate data.

The norgate plugin works and then when I select it from the database it works fine, if I look at NYSE or NASDAW market all the symbols are working fine but when I look at the ASX data it seems to be broken.

For each ASX stock there are hundereds of symbols, for example for NAB there is NAB0F9, NAB0G9, NAB0H9, NAB0J9, NAB0K8, etc...

It's saying there are 67,000 symbols just for ASX.

Anyone seen this before?

Yes this is expected when you subscribe (or trial) ASX Derivatives. You'll get all of the Exchange Traded Warrants and Exchange Traded Options.

Contact to remove these if you don't want them.