I've broken the Backtest detailed log

My fault completely. The detailed log was sorting by Date, then Information automatically. I don't know if that is the default. For me it does not make sense as the context for the Information column is no longer linked to a date. Anyway, I unclicked these two column for column sorting (right-click context menu) and now nothing is returned when I run a backtest. Trade List and Summary continue to work as normal.

How do I reset the Detailed Log report view to default?

There isn't anything broken.

  1. Right click title bar.
  2. Choose "Setup columns" in context menu
  3. Click "Reset"
  4. Click "OK"
  5. Re-run backtest (to get log view as usual)


As for custom sorting of detailed log... I don't think it is doable (except there was some Easter egg I don't know of) because you have several rows per each date but every filled information cell does not have corresponding date cell on the left. So if you click date header then yes it will sort by date with corresponding empty information cells on the right and filled information cells have empty date cells on left (same as before) since without custom sorting they do not have date cells too.


Thanks, you made a little video, that is great. I can see the results now.

I am missing the point though. The default sorts by date first which changes the order so I cannot see the information rows that belong together.

I see in your video the date and ALL the information rows grouped together. I never get that.

Is it supposed to be like this?

You have SetSortColumns() line in your AFL. Comment it.

Or do like this

report_mode = 1;

SetOption("PortfolioReportMode", report_mode );

if ( report_mode == 0 )


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Bingo. Though SetSortColumns applied only in Exploration. I should have realised. Thanks for helping.