Javascript help to save chart in loop

outputdrive = "d:\temp\";

saveimage = outputdrive;

var oAB = WScript.CreateObject("Broker.Application");

ADS = oAB.Documents;

// Do not exceed number of active chart tabs.
// So if there are 3 chart tabs then max. number of Items is three, (0) to (3)

ADS.Item(0).ActiveWindow.ExportImage( "D:\TEMP\BANKNIFTY.png", 1000, 560);

ADS.Item(1).ActiveWindow.ExportImage( "D:\TEMP\NIFTY.png", 1000, 560);

ADS.Item(2).ActiveWindow.ExportImage( "D:\TEMP\TATASTEEL.png", 1000, 560);

Above codes are working fine in java script.

I want to to run above codes for 35 script hence i want to use loop
any one can tell me how to put above codes in loop

So that I don't need to write 35 lines of different stocks to save chart.

Only ticker name will Change.

I hv opened 35 charts in amibroker.

so that active charts will be saved in drive D:\temp\

Days roll into weeks, weeks into months - there is no sign of slightest of effort from your end! You clearly show symptoms of a "Help Vampire".


Going by the second post, you should read and follow forum rules including posting a good readable one.

Also, quote the original source / author or Link to it if its not your own content.

Getting terminology right is part of it, script is a wrong and sometimes offensive use.

To get your brain working, you should know that it is definitely possible and you can do so by setting the name of the symbol to this Property.

Document.Name = "Symbol1";

You can do some homework on it.

I tried with various combination.. Almost spent 3 hrs..

But unable to do due to lack of programming knowledge.

outputdrive = "d:\temp\";

saveimage = outputdrive;

var oAB= new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");
ADS = oAB.Documents;
var i;

for(i = 0; i < oAB.Documents.length; i++)


Ticker = oAB.ActiveDocument.Name;
( "D:\TEMP\Ticker.png", 1000, 560);


This is also not working.

use code tags or learn from here.

My requirements is very simple

I hv 10 open charts in amibroker

I want java to save all charts in drive d:\temp\

Each chart name should be symbol name
Pls guide how to do.

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