Keep losing chart comments user error but confused

Over the last 2 weeks or so I keep losing my drawings, lines, texts etc from my charts. I am obviously do something wrong as a user but I can not understand exactly what I am doing wrong or what user mistakes I am making because I am definitely deleting something which I should not be deleting.

As an example. Yesterday on a chart I had some text comments. I replaced the symbol with another and then the text comments were gone (that makes sense). I saw this and then immediately reinstated the original symbol, but then the text comments were also gone for the original symbol. I really don't understand why they disappeared. This is one example but it has happened quite a few times over the last 2-3 weeks.

I understood from a another post that these tools are linked to the underlying chart ID but also are they also linked to the symbol name. Can someone please explain to me what the comments and lines are actually linked to then hopefully I can avoid it losing the comments, lines in the future.

Are the any best practices to ensure I do not lost my chart comments. Example: I have been thinking to have a dedicated layout only for comments but not really sure if this is practical or not.

I am relatively new to Amibroker and still getting use to the interface and how it all works.


I could tell you some steps that i follow to troubleshoot but you need to share details like your OS, amibroker version and bitness.

Can you recall any software updates or changes that have occurred?
I read on the forum, that even anti-virus can cause problems. you can tell us that.

OS: Windows 10 v1909 latest updates
AmiBroker: v 6.30.5, x64
No updates to AmiBroker recently.
Other software I use has been updated over the last 2 weeks, but sure of the relevance of other software on AmiBroker.
Anti-Virus: Built-in Windows. AmiBroker Programm folder has been excluded from scan and monitoring.

I do run a backup of the AmiBroker programm folder regularly. The backup is a read-only backup software.

Hello, well I think I finally understand what the studies are linked to. They seemed to be linked to the Chart ID and the underlying symbol file stored on the hard drive. So if I delete a Chart ID and/or a Symbol from AmiBroker then the Study is lost forever.

Q: A question for those who use Nordgate, based on my understanding of the Nordgate service. When a Symbol is delisted, depending on the subscription level, the symbol will be removed from the database or the Year/Month will be appended to the Symbol name. I don't know what happens under the hood whether the Symbol file gets delisted and replaced or just the Symbol name changes. When the delisting occurs are the Studies maintained or are they lost.

Q: AmiBroker has unlimited and charts and consequently unlimited Chart Ids which could be price charts or indicator charts. Is there are way, I guess via an Exploration, to find out if a Symbol has any Studies connected to any/all Chart Ids.

The reason I am asking is that I want to mark up my previous trades, especially the discretionary trades with lines, arrows, comments etc. and I do not want to lose them just because I do not understand how the system works.