Key in date and have chart jump to that time

I am using Amibroker ver6.26. Is it possible to key in a date, say something like "6-Jun-2010 or “6/6/2010” and have the Amibroker chart instantly jump to that time-line?

Currently, I am using the time scroll-bar to move to the time-line I want. I think it will be faster if I can simply key in the date, particularly if I want to jump to a time that is far away.

If I miss out any documentation, please point me to the link. Thank you.

You can find a solution (zoom to range) here:

… but read carefully the whole thread (especially Tomasz’s post) to learn about the drawbacks of using OLE from within AmiBroker (in general OLE should not be used from within AmiBroker).

Another example: