Keyboard shortcuts are not backed up?

Good day.

I had to reinstall Windows, and thus Amibroker too (6.30.5). I replaced the entire newly-installed Amibroker folder with a backed up copy.
I could restore all the data and watchlists. However, keyboard shortcuts are all gone.
Is there a file that backs up the keyboard shortcuts that I'm missing?


AmiBroker Knowledge Base » How to backup AmiBroker configuration

See here, it says certain UI customizations are stored in the registry so you need to copy as explained.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Did not realize that at all, it was in the Advanced Section, not exceptionally IT savvy. Guess now have to re-do all the shortcuts.

Also, as a note for other newbies, this is not mentioned in the main body of the page

but have to watch out for a little link below that.

OK, problem not solved.

I just looked at the registry entries. It's mostly for the UI layout (toolbars, etc). But no entries for keyboard shortcuts. Did I miss something?

Do you have access to the registry of the old installation?
You are meant to export the entire old path starting from TJP and import in the new OS.

If you dont have the old registry entries, might as well setup everything manually again.

I see the registry entries for toolbars, layouts, etc, but do not see any for keyboard shortcuts. Are you sure those contain entries for keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are stored together with other UI customizations (in registry AND in the files mentioned in KB).