Laptop for live trading

I will like to separate my development and trading activities on two different computers. My desktop computer has large memory and i7 CPU for analysis and testing.

I'm considering a laptop for automated trading. It would run AmiBroker, IB TWS, Norgate, and various scripts. The machine would remain powered on all day every day. Any arguments for or against using a laptop for automated trading?

There is a big advantage in using a laptop for that: lower power consumption.
Any 1.4 kva nobreak can keep a decent laptop+modem+router up for 6hs or more. That is ideal for autotrade.

Against using it, maybe the laptop specs. Generally, It has slower CPU when compared to a desktop and slower RAM. The specs most be good enough to run all that and the laptop most be able to dissipate the heat. Some of them suffer with the heat if they are demanded for continuous hours.
So, the specs most be good enough to run all that without stressing the hardware.

A cooler base helps but makes some noise and the laptop internals are not 100% spared from the heat.

@JF_Derzi Thank you for the reply. Are you actually using a laptop for your automated trading?

Yes, I am.

We could also consider a cloud server, like AWS, but your code would be lying there, susceptible to copy and paste.

@JF_Derzi Thank you for your feedback.