Last quote from Amiquote

I am using EOD data from Yahoo Historical, Google Finance and Stooq.
Only data from Yahoo is from the day when data is downloaded. From Google and Stooq shown data is from previous day.
Is it normal?

Typically EOD quotes as name says are available after session close at the end of day. Today’ US session has not ended. Also there is some delay between session close and exact time when
EOD provides update their servers.

Yahoo CURRENT is different, because it is not EOD quote. Read the KB.

US session is not my concern. As you said, numbers from Yahoo are up to date.

My concern is EU session for example:

  • INDEXVIE:HTE from Google Finance. It is after session right now and Amiquote is not able to download data from today.
  • ^DAX form Stooq - the same situation.

You apparently did not read my reply at all. Re-read it Hint: it does not matter what symbol you use.
Also that is NOT really AmiQuote question. AmiQuote is web browser. It downloads what is on the web site. WYSIWYG. You don’t ask Mozilla when site say ABC updates their server. You should contact data vendors / web site owners if you have doubts about when they update their servers.
As for and other services if you have doubt, GO TO THEIR WEB PAGE, example:^dax&d1=20170701&d2=20170725&i=d

You will get EXACTLY THE SAME data from AmiQuote.

AmiQuote works exactly THE SAME as web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera).

What you see on the web page is what you get.