LastValue function behaviour during Bar Replay

LastValue gives value from the real last bar or from the last replayed bar?

How about reading the manual? Bar Replay window
It says:

Bar Replay tool is available from Tools->Bar Replay menu. Bar Replay feature plays back data for all symbols at once with user-defined speed. It means that data for all symbols will end at specified "playback position". This affects all formulas (no matter if they are used in charts (indicators) or auto-analysis).

Let me repeat:
For all symbols the DATA WILL END at specified playback position.


Thanks for confirming @Tomasz :pray:

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the GREAT Software.
(This post is for sharing my recent experience with the Software and a solution that this post has provided to me - I hope it is appropriate to make this posting.)

It was only last week that I was working on a Project where I neeed to test how a concept would have worked in Past.

I created Separate WatchLists for the various dates in past on which I was looking forward to test the concept (Securites keeping getting Listed and Delisted over the years).

Initially, I was Doing AutoMatic Analysis (Explore) with "Range" set to "From-To-Dates" and then choosing the Specific Date in Both the Date Selection Boxes. Although it gave expected results for the securites that had traded on the Specific Date - However some illiquid securities, that had not traded on that Specific Date; were dropped from Exploration Report - I was thinking of various possible workarounds.

And then - after reading this post; I selected the specific date as "Start" & "End" date in Bar-Replay and initialized Bar-Replay. Then I did the Automatic Analysis (Explore) with "Range" Set to "1 Recent Days".

And WOW - I got results for all the securities in the Selected Watchlist.
(This is Exactly - what I was looking for)

Thank you again for the WONDERFUL Software.

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal