Latest one minute candle is greater than the average of last 10 one minute candle AFL required

Kindly give me a solution by providing AFL.
In 1 min candle - Take the average volume of latst 10 candles (means last 10 min)
Then the 11th minute candle volume should be 5 times greater than the average volume of last 10 candles.
Filter the list of those stocks which satisfies above condition.
Need afl code for this.

@ravikumark0907, there is an old saying "You get more flies with Honey than with Vinegar".

Similarly on this site, "You get more help if you show us you have put some effort in".

So, if you are new to AmiBroker and AFL, check out the following:
How to use this site
How do I learn AFL?
How do I debug my formula?

This site is help, not a coding service. Show us you are putting in an effort, and many are willing to help.

So, sit back with your favourite beverage, and READ the manual. Yep, actually READ the manual... Then try out the code samples for things that are similar to what you want to do.

Good Luck. Post back here when you are hitting stumbling blocks.