Layout in second AB window

When I have AB open and go to open a second AB window, the second one uses old tabs and layout. Has anyone experienced this? Can you tell me how you fixed this please?


It only does this if your default start database is different to the one you want to use. It carries the layout across for some reason.

Presumably, you are referring to opening another simultaneous instance of AmiBroker.

What you need is a "Global Layout" saved as "Default" Global Layout, if you want to have common layout for all databases. Otherwise, if you want to have different set of layouts for various instances (or databases) then save "Local Layout" for each one of them separately and toggle between them accordingly.

More information in the guide. Quoting from there:

Local layouts are per-database while Global layouts are visible from all databases.

One more thing I would like to add as few words of caution, is that, while playing with Layouts (or not), please try not to "Edit formula" from Charts directly. It might happen that you land up editing (and saving) a copy of the formula and not the actual formula file. And in future you will not be able to locate the edited section of the formula.

So, the correct process should be to open a Formula from Custom folder (or any other), edit it and "Apply" it onto the charts. Then ensure that the Layouts (Global or Local) are updated with new formula (or charts).


thanks for the detail cougs.

Additional info about global and local layouts here

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Working better now, cheers.

Currently I have one version of AB open (one DB), and 2 windows. When I scroll through exploration results, only the second window syncs with the selected line. This stays true even if I switch between different windows or open a second exploration. Is that normal? Thanks again.