License is needed before posting. Was: Update initial capital based on the profit and loss

Hi All,

I am planning to set initial trading amount 30000 .
Based on the buy and sell signal it will execute the quantity automatically from my initial capital .

Example ; Sbin- LTP =300 = 30000/300 = 100 qty will trigger automatically.

If 1st trade given 5000 profit means , next trade should consider my updated capital and trade should execute for 30000+5000=35000 and vice versa for loss.

Example : 2nd trade - SBIN -LTP -310 = 35000/310= New updated quantity should automatically will be trigger.

How can i implement this . Please provide concern .

Saminathan M

Please someone help on this.

It’s all built in if you use the function above.

Hi Sir,

This is possible to use this inbuilt function for algo trading system .

How can i get this afl sir .
Could you please guide on this .
I need this to automate for live trading .Please provide your concern.


Please read the documentation for the SetPositionSize() function, paying particular attention to the spsPercentOfEquity method.

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