License Verified badge

A new custom badge for the forum has been introduced: License Verified.

On users profile page it is visible like this:


Users that have such badge in their profile page are verified holders of AmiBroker license.

You should verify your forum account by entering your forum user name and clicking Verify License button in the the Account Information page in the members zone:


It is worth noting that verification procedure only grants a badge. It does not change or store the email address anywhere.

Please note that this is once-only operation. Once forum account is linked to members account, you can not verify another forum account with the same member account. If for some reason you wanted to do so you would need to contact support by email.

Introducing License Verified badge allows community members to know their peer status, prevent duplicate accounts and I hope it will lead to general improvement of the community, as help givers can verify if person seeking help supports development of AmiBroker.

Note: this is experimental feature involving integration between different systems and there might be some glitches at the beginning.

In the future, ability to post in some categories will be limited only to users with License Verified badge.

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@Tomasz Good idea.

Are you able to customize the behavior integrating the different systems? Gmail has a feature that lets users create emails like this:

These two emails identify the same user, but not currently recognized as such. Is this something you could detect automatically?

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As I wrote, in such cases, user can verify forum account from Account Information page. For the Discourse API 'plus' addresses are different and can't be found when querying for 'non-plus' address.


Also me like many people in the world they have two emails one for my important jobs and the other secondary I use it for not important emails.

The question now is if I place my proper email in the forum for "License Verified" i would not like to have any email form the forum to my important_email address.

But on the other hand I really like the forum to send me emails. So for that reason @Tomasz you may need to place one extra tab in the forum preference window that allows me to place my secondary email that I use it only for the forum and NOT for the "License Verified"

Thank you


As I wrote previously, you should log in to Member's zone Account Information window,
type forum user name (not email) and press "Verify License"


Doing so DOES NOT change forum email address and it DOES NOT change members zone address. Nothing with regards to email changes.

It only grants a badge to your forum account. Email settings are NOT changed.

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I don’t know how you manage to think so much ahead.
Thank you @Tomasz that you cover also this case.


The "License Verified" badge seems to work very very well. It provides help-givers quick indicator if person asking for help is properly licensed. I am sure that the extra trust it builds will greatly improve the quality of the forum.

Licensed users that are using different email address for forum and members zone are asked to follow the procedure described in the first post.


Please note that within 7 days from now, users without License Verified badge will be reset back to "trust level 0" on the forum, which will mean that they can't create new topics. So make sure you validate your license as soon as possible.


Half a year has passed and many users on this forum still failed to verify their license.
This is last call for everyone without License Verified badge. Your forum account will be deleted if you signed up more than 30 days ago and still having no license verified badge.


The thread was closed because it was hijacked. Don't do that.
Hi-jacking threads is an act of replying with totally unrelated stuff to the thread subject.
If you have a new question unrelated to the thread you must create NEW THREAD.