Line Chart Based on High and Low

I would like to know if it is possible to create Line Charts based on High and Low instead of the Close prices. I found a way to do it in the other software I have . Wondering if it possible with Amibroker ?

Plot( H, "High", colorblue, styleLine ); 
Plot( L, "Low", colorred, styleLine ); 
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Thanks a lot for the reply. Is it possible to have only one line ,just like the Line Graph ?

@krisnara - nobody knows how you want to display TWO things (H and L) with ONE line. You could have H-L bars, but line chart? Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

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Thanks for the help. I was thinking along the lines of a ZigZag .Sorry for the confusion.

What I was trying to accomplish is this. But I am sorry I did a very poor job of explaning it clearly . I have attached pictures for better understanding. I am looking for a single line to be drawn like a Line Graph based on close. However instead of using the close price, the code should plot the high of the bar,if the bar is an UpBar and the low of the bar ,if the bar is a DownBar. So in the end ,all we get is a Single line.I have this working for another platform.In the Picture,the yellow line is the High or Low line and the green line is the closing prices.I have also a attached a picture with OHLC bars to illustrate this concept.

Is this what you want?

myline = IIf( C > O, H, L);

Plot( C, "bars", colorDefault, styleBar);
Plot( myline, "line", colorYellow, styleLine); // this is H,L line
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Thank you nsm51.This is perfect.I will mark it as solution.

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