Line chart of multiple Symbols and Error 512

I've been trying to set up a line chart with multiple symbols. There are no errors untill the 5th and 6th SetForeign is written, The code flashes warning 512, Is there a way for me to set this right?

Thanks once again.

c1 =Close ;

c2 =Close ;

c3 =Close ;

c4 =Close ;

c5 =Close ;

c6 =Close ;

ST = c1+c2+c3+c4+c5+c6;


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This was already discussed in previous posts

From there, be sure to read the link at Basics: Error, warning, notice

In your case, since you're not using it in an heavy loop, IMO, you can safely ignore/silence the warning.

Instead you should run analysis scan to add up prices.
Move symbols to a watchlist then run scan over that watchlist with pad & align being enabled in analysis settings general tab.

if (Status("action") == actionScan) {
	// Run in Analysis - Scan over filtered watchlist
	if( InWatchList( GetOption("FilterIncludeWatchlist") ) ) {
		if(Status("stocknum") == 0)
		StaticVarAdd("~NiftyOptionsSum", Close);	

//Plot result of analysis
Sum_options = StaticVarGet("~NiftyOptionsSum");
Plot( Sum_options, "~NiftyOptionsSum", colorRed );

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Thank you beppe for the insight, letme see if I can do a workaround like whar fxshrat advised.

Once again thanks to you both fxshrat and to Beppe for the insight

I just discovered that I would require to plot a Bollinger Band to the "ST" sumtotal , Is there any way that I could plot this. Thanks again.

Instead of SetForeign, to get close of other symbol you should just use

c1 = Foreign( symbol, "C" );

This is shorter and quicker than SetForeign/RestorePriceArrays.

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Thank you Tomasz, I am still unable to plot the Bollinger band to Close of sum totals of all symbols , in my case its "Plot(ST,"Test",colorRed,styleLine);" where ST is sum total of all symbols. Thanks again .

Why not? It is easy

c1 = Foreign( symbol, "C" );
// your remaining Foreign calls for c2...c6

ST = c1+c2+c3+c4+c5+c6;

Plot( BBandTop( ST ), "", colorBlue );
Plot( BBandBot( ST ), "", colorBlue );
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Thank you Tomasz, wow, I was under the impression the BBandTop and BBandBot default functions always associated with Close. Thanks once again.