Line on Portfolio Equity

Hi, I have searched and tried for hours on how to plot a line from initial capital to end capital on the portfolio equity curve graph to no success. Can someone please help me on how to do it ?

Here is an example (not a real plot but the same principle) :

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 11.30.06 PM

Thanks in advance

x1 = 0;
x2 = BarCount-1;
y1 = C[0];
y2 = LastValue(C);
GfxSelectPen(colorRed, 1, 0);	
GfxMoveTo(x1, y1);
GfxLineTo(x2, y2);



Thank you very much.

Your Equity Curve is extremely useful, visually appealing and with extra information like new highs. Could you share the full code ?

Thanks in advance

PD do you find log scales more representative than linear scales ?

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