Linear Regression Slope Beyond full circle?

I created a simple Exporation listing both the Linear Regression Intercept (LRI) and Linear Regession Slope (LRS) values across a sample Ticker list.
Some LRS values are > 2, the radian measure of a full circle. One ticker had a LRS of zero with a LRI value equal to the ticker price. This is correct and shows the calculations are also correct. Why do they exceed a full circle.
I wish to convert the slope to degress (rad x 180/pi). The degrees range should be 90 deg to -90 deg (vertical). Working in reverse, 90 deg is about 1.57 rad. One value in the list (NVIDA) is -10.93 (March 23, 2024) meaning we have gone "full circle" over 5 times! Why?
Is it legitimate to do the following calculation:
10.93 / 2 = 5.465 (rotations?)
5.465 - 5 = 0.465 rad
.465 x 180/pi = 80.56 deg. High, but within the 90 deg range.
Comments are appreciated.

The chart is NOT in "degrees", and there are no "angles" on the chart.

The LinearRegressionSlope values are NOT in radians or any other "angle" measure.

Linear Regression Slope is relative to dollar per bar (time). Price and (bar) Time are in DIFFERENT UNITS!!! Price is in dollars and bar may be in days / seconds /minutes whatever.

2 does not mean "full circle". 2 means 2 dollars per bar. That is NOT ANGLE.