link amibroker to tws platform with tiingo database

hi, I would like to know if it would be possible to link amibroker to tws in this way. While feeding the data from amiquote-tiingo, I would like to click in a symbol from the explorer result list and actualice it in the TWS, it would be like making and external link to TWS.

The only thing that is supported by TWS API is placing the order. So you can place the order from AFL code and then it will appear in the TWS. But you can't just control TWS GUI from external application because such thing is not available via TWS API (at least last time I checked).

Thanks Tomasz for answering this little brainer :star_struck:. I came up with this idea because I am doing a test trial of the program TRADE IDEAS and I have been able to do what I asked . When I click in the TRADE IDEAS alert list it links to the TWS. I send you a short video demostrating it ,

Thanks Tomasz for your