Linking Amibroker to read real-time data from Reuters Eikon API


I've been searching for a solution of linking Amibroker to reuters Eikon API to fetch real time data from there.

the reason i want to do this is that i am working on markets that don't usually have other live datafeeds or even another online data sources except Reuters and bloomberg.

Please advice where should i go if possible, i searched for similar solutions here but i didn't reach.


@ahm.montaser I'm using only Reuters live news feed provided by a local brokerage company, not the full Reuters Eikon (although I have tested it and might consider using/buying it in the future) so I can't help you with regards to their API, but just wanted to note, that there have already been similar requests - for instance here (with a good description by @xel.arjona ) :

... and here:


Thank you,

Those posts are asking for EOD data which i assume easier to get, i am asking for a real time data.

Any help for this issue ?

Also very interested in this as I am an EIkon core user.

Out of Metastock formats, AmiBroker only support classic (legacy) Metastock/Computrack format with MASTER/EMASTER/XMASTER and Fxxx.DAT files.

Other Metastock formats are not compatible.