Linking Bloomberg data to AmiBroker

Has anyone had success linking Bloomberg data to Amibroker? I have followed the steps exactly shown by Tomasz in the link below (however there doesn't seem to be any blp.exe file to run so I couldn't do this step - I presume this is the issue - has the name of the DDE server changed?)

The bloomberg DDE is working perfectly in excel, so it should be possible to link to amibroker.. Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks

I have the same problem.
From April 2018 the BLP.EXE does not exist any longer.
In Excel the access is done with a different program, apparently.
I am trying to understand with bberg.

Yeah I spoke to bloomberg help and they stated they no longer support it. There has to be a work around though - still trying to find that out.. Not keen on paying for an additional quote provider. Let me know if you have any luck

Still they should offer ability to export data to plain text (CSV) files.

Good point, will ask if I can bulk download the csv files. I can still link python to Bloomberg so someone more computer savvy than me has probably worked it out already

I'm not sure if this will work for you as a solution but Konrad has build a great plugin for Bloomberg for Amibroker that backfills and can use datafields and overrides. His site is Fin.Tools. The price is very reasonable and he has an EOD or Intraday version. No affiliation just a happy user.

Thank you very much for the heads up Duket. I will check it out

I have a data plugin for Bloomberg if you are interested.


Jozsef, I am interested


you drop me a mail at