List of Calls That Must Be Called Unconditionally

Hi @Tomasz ,

Is there a list anywhere that states what AB functions/calls must be called unconditionally?

I think a lot of people would find that very useful.

In previous posts you have given valuable 'correct usage' instructions such as;

You see in many instances 'AddColumn/AddTextColumn' being used conditionally (including by experts) - see examples below.

So an available reference list would be great or even better would it be possible to have the 'AFL Editor Checker' to detect AB functions/calls used incorrectly?

// Incorrect use of 'AddColumn/AddTextColumn' - should be used unconditionally

if (Status("ActionEx") == actionExplore)
	Filter = 1;

	AddTextColumn(FullName(), "Company Name");
	AddColumn(BarIndex(), "Bar Index", 1.0);
	AddColumn(BarCount, "Bar Count", 1.0);
	AddColumn(Close, "Close Price", 1.3);
	AddColumn(Volume, "Volume", 1.0);

for ( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) {
	if ( last_day[i] /*&& n <= 20*/ ) {
		AddColumn(prev_HTF_Vol[i], DateTimeFormat("%H:%M", dt[i]));	

Well, this is actually a simplification. It is easier to say don't call that conditionally than to provide long winded explanations as when / why / etc. The exploration code that you posted that takes Status("ActionEx") == actionExplore
as condition is actually correct because in modes other than exploration those calls are ignored anyway. So the if clause is redundant but not harmful.

As for automatic checks - they are tricky. As I wrote not every conditional call is bad.

I may provide extra "notes" in syntax editor that will be just information, not warnings or errors.


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