LLV based on date

I want LLV based on date. like 52week low frome todays date to last year same date, if todat date is 06/10/2021 i want to look back to 06/10/2020 . i want to find LLV from NOW date to -1 year.

/// Lowest Since last year date
/// (EOD code)
/// @link https://forum.amibroker.com/t/llv-based-on-date/27948/2
dt = DateTime();
now_dt = DateTimeConvert(2,Now(3));//LastValue(dt);
last_year_dt = DateTimeAdd(now_dt, -1, inYearly);
ll_since = LowestSince(DateTimeDiff(dt,last_year_dt) == 0, L);
Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleBar );
Plot( ll_since, "ll_since", colorRed );



why we need to
SetBarsRequired(260) ??

Minimum required daily bars for one (business) year.
If you zoom in without it then you may get EMPTY results otherwise (also see QuickAFL).

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Simpler code:

OneYearBack = Now(3) - 10000; // 10000 is one year in YYYMMDD format
LowestSince( DateNum() <= OneYearBack, Low );

After using it for couple of days. I reached to a problem. today is sunday(10/10/2021) and it does not show any LLV value.
can you put light on it please.

because today is 10/10/201 year back 10/10/2020 have Saturday so no data on that day it show 0 . if there is year back trading halt. then again 0.

can I lock value to change when I scroll chart.

One may use Lookup function

/// Lowest/highest since last year date
/// (EOD code), version 1.1
/// @link https://forum.amibroker.com/t/llv-based-on-date/27948/8
period = 1;// look back period
tmfrm = inYearly;// ...inDaily, InMonthly, InYearly,..
dt = DateTime();
now_dt = DateTimeConvert(2,Now(3));//LastValue(dt);
last_year_dt = Lookup(dt, DateTimeAdd(now_dt, -period, tmfrm), 1);
is_start = DateTimeDiff(dt,last_year_dt) == 0;
ll_since = LowestSince(is_start, L);
hh_since = HighestSince(is_start, H);

Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleBar );
Plot( ll_since, "ll_since", colorRed );
Plot( hh_since, "hh_since", colorGreen );
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