Loading (Norgate) Monthly Bars into Amibroker


I am able to load Norgate Data into Amibroker on a "daily" basis. How do I load the same data but on a "Monthly" basis?

I have Norgate Data Premium. I noticed their "periodicity" data table are split into "Daily", "Weekly", and "Monthly".

So far, I have loaded by data into Amibroker using
File ==> Database Settings ==>
Datasource: Norgate Data Plug-in
Base time Interval: End-Of-Day

The biggest option is "End-Of-Day". However, there is no "Month" Option.

Is there a different way to load the data as monthly bars?

Thanks in advance,

There is no need to do this - AmiBroker will automatically convert daily data to monthly when you specify that Periodicity in AmIBroker on your chart or analysis.

Thank you Norgate, glad to hear that Amibroker does this automatically! :slightly_smiling_face:

Out of curiosity, what if I want to compare both daily and monthly signals? Eg. Comparing the 200 Day EMA and the 6 month EMA? Is this possible?



Thank you very much for the link! :smiley: