Loading Old Amibroker Database Issue


I am trying to load an old Amibroker database and after it loads, on the chart it has the message, "Not enough data available. To plot any chart at least 3 data bars are needed, but there are only 0 bars in 'EL'..."

I noticed that the folder itself has about 1 GB of data, but almost all of that data comes from a subfolder labeled US that has other labeled subfolders some of which include, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc. I do know that some of this data are delisted stock data that I purchased from Norgate many years ago.

Does anybody have any idea what the problem is or can offer troubleshooting steps to solve the problem?

Thank you

Read about database file/directory structure here:

and check if your old database really looks like described in manual.

Yes it does look like what is described in the manual.

If that was Norgate driven database you need to have Norgate subscription

It's not Norgate driven, i.e. it's a huge amount of data saved as an Amibroker database that I purchased from Norgate.