Local database lost data?

I must be doing something wrong but I have no idea what that would be....

Last time I used this database is about half a year ago. The database only has intraday data. As you can see in the screenshots, data for SPX-minutendata is still available but for all other symbols, there is no data anymore.

However, in the database files on disk, I still see that for all symbols there is a file..... allthough the name is different. It does not contain the extra information.

Anyone any idea what is going wrong ?

What plugin do you use and is it still active?

No plugin. It's imported 1 minute data stored localy. Have not accessed the database for a few months. SPY still works, the other symbols do not.

Read this, specially about the file broker.master


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Thanks. I never touched any of the files so it can't be because I deleted something....

Is your suggestion to delete the broker.master file ? Hoping it will recreate and find the data again ?

Yes, first close amibroker, do a backup of the folder and then delete the broker.master file.
Open Amibroker and see if you are files are back


Thanks awilson, that did the trick. Symbols now have their normal name again also.


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